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The Rowing Service.

The Rowing Service originated as an information contact in October 1994 and was first established on the World-Wide-Web in January 1995.  It consists of a thousand pages of rowing information and links, and is designed to serve rowers of all levels and nationalities.


Information on this site may not be copied without the author's explicit permission.  Where the author is not specified, the page is copyright to the Rowing Service.  Permission is NOT given for any pages on this site to be mirrored.  If you wish to link to a URL on this site, please quote it as "The Rowing Service", with URL http://www.rowingservice.com/.  If you wish to have your site linked to this one, please send the URL by email.  It is polite on all servers to create links to original sites, rather than to steal the information or material and copy it without permission onto your own site.


The master page gives main categories into which all the other links and pages are grouped.  These lead to sub-indexes which are being recategorised over the next few months.  The aim is to balance speed of loading with a quick route to the information you want to find.  Feedback is always appreciated.  An A to Z index will be installed eventually - search facilities are not possible at present.  The New Information page is probably the most useful first stop for up-to-date information, and Popular Links indexes some of the most-used pages stored here.


The Rowing Service as an organisation designs and produces a number of smaller sites hosted on this one.  To date this includes Rock The Boat clothing company, Regatta Online Magazine for UK and world rowers, WIRe website, World Championships 1996 website, Metropolitan Regatta 1997, FISA World Cup 1997, The Boat Race Collection of collectibles and memorabilia, Peterborough 1997 and 1998 regattas, The Coxbox (mainly for Oxford coxes), the Internet Erg Challenge, and various results for clubs without their own page.


The Rowing Service website is so far unfunded, and therefore reserves the right not to link to any exploitative commercial enterprises, nor to display company logos unless it wishes to.  The Service is run for free by Rachel Quarrell and information sent in by clubs is usually displayed for free. Advertising is restricted to box logos on the New Information page: for details please email.

Loading speed

Most pages on this site do not contain many, if any, pictures, to reduce loading speed.  Rowing pictures themselves are linked on "Surfing the Net".  For similar reasons there are no complex backgrounds used at the moment, and minimal inline images.  The site is currently hosted on a very fast JANET computer capable of many hundreds of simultaneous accesses.  If your computer cannot load pages quickly, check your own connection settings and your host/proxy server.  Some servers on commercial networks do not interface well with the academic network, which is a problem with your server.  Lotus Notes causes especial trouble interfacing with JANET.

Getting help from the Service to publish rowing material

If you have rowing information to put on the Web, and can't host it yourself, the Rowing Service will do so for you.  Send results, club information or notices in by email or use the classifieds submission form or the press release page.

Linking Companies

Commercial enterprise web pages will be linked for free, but companies wishing to have a web page on the Rowing Service itself will be charged - please apply for details.  Charges for box adverts on the New Info page are very competitive, giving a rate of 60-120 hits per pound spent, for highly rowing-targeted visitors. Email for details.

Viewing the site

Links/text are mostly in dark blue, yellow and black, usually on white or pale backgrounds.  If your monitor has only greys then you will find that it is best viewed in black-and-white.   As a general policy to aid speed of loading and ease of use on all browsers, most of this site does not at the moment require the use of frames, but it does frequently use tables and so may not be optimised for a text-only browser.  Results, however, when on this site are normally non-table using, set up for a typewriter font setting of Monaco 9-point.  Picture-links within the site are given alternate descriptions.  Netscape 2.0 or later, or its equivalent, are advised but text-only browsers can be used, as can early Netscape and Mosaic applications (though with a little loss of neatness).  Some sub-sites of the Rowing Service do use complex frames layouts and contain lots of pictures.
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No items may be copied without explicit permission.