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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
Enter the Challenge and your scores will go into the results table for next month.
And if you pull really hard, you may reach the League Leaders list.

Scores each month are listed under the four different challenges, 2000 metres, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. Under each challenge they are listed in straight time order, and not subdivided into different age/sex categ ories. So you get the chance to pit your score against internationals, lightweights, men and women of all ages and levels.

Email addresses are only included for those who have said "yes" to that option, so you can go ahead and contact them directly if you fancy a bit of cross-globe competition. Remember that the results are entered for each challenge at midnight on th e last day of each month, and after that time any results submitted will go into the next month's event.

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