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This section contains the URL's of great rowing images I have come across in my travels. I cannot guarantee that all will load on your browser, nor that all are still at their original locations. If you find a link inactive or missing, please email me here or tell the originators of the image you are trying to get. Some images require JPEG or MPEG capability in order to be enjoyed in their full brilliance.

If you want to add to this art folder, get scanning and then email me at rq@rowingservice.com".
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In ten years of running this service, I have never found any rowing clip art, but we fill this gap ourselves: order the first edition today. The Rowing Service Clip Art collection combines wit and artistry, with images for all occasions.

Please remember that all these images are copyright to their originators.
These are not listed in any specific order, so make up your own mind which is the best.