World Rowing Email Page

World Rowing Email Page

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    Listed by continent:

  1. Australasia
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. The Americas
  5. Canadian contacts, separate index
  6. USA full index
  7. Europe excluding UK
  8. UK index

  9. Rowing Communities with special interests - medical conditions, disabilities etc.

Constantly updated as new contacts come in. Anything very recent may be on the New Information page.

Please email me here ( if you think an entry is missing or incorrect.
It is a good idea to use the 'Search' facility on your Web browser if you are looking for a specific person's address.

When a country has enough volunteering email contacts, I'll make a separate page for it.


Here's a great message from a fairly keen rower...
"I live in a boathouse on the Fox River, 40 miles West of Chicago; Have 35+ classic wooden sculling boats and racing shells; Also live in San Francisco and row in the San Francisco Bay: call if you're looking for a boat to row. St. Charles, IL: (630) 513-8349; Tiburon, CA: (415) 435-8004. . . (I also keep a boat at Richmond-Upon-Thames and row there when I visit London.)". Darryl Strickler. Sounds like a useful person to stay in touch with.....