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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
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Results for March 1998

2000 metres challenge
Andreja Vasiljevic6:06.90Partizan Rowing Club, Belgrade YugoslaviaOpen Men
Jeroen spaans6:20.30E.S.R. Theta, Eindhoven NetherlandsLwt Open Men
Rafael Ummus6:22.00Esperia, São Paulo-BrazilOpen MenResults in last july
Tim Hosea6:26.40Carnegie Lake Rowing Association, Princeton, New Jersey, USAVeteran C Men
Rick Britton6:28.00San Diego Rowing Club, La Jolla, USAJunior Men
Jonathan Blaskovich6:28.20Brentwood College, Mill Bay, CanadaJunior Men
SOURY-LAVERGNE6:31.00Aviron Grenoblois, Grenoble FranceLwt Open MenNot too hard
Matthew Pascal6:35.00University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA USALwt Open Menugh
Gerardo Brenner6:37.00Vosper ARC, Southampton, HantsVeteran C Men
Cam Jones6:37.04Dalhousie University Rowing Club, Halifax N.S. CanadaOpen MenI recorded this piece at the Rowing Nova Scotia Indoor Erg Championships on March was a geat improvement on my previous P.B. recorded a week earlier which was 6:48!
Eamonn Joyce6:40.90Cork Boat Club, Cork, IrelandJ16 MenWe Are Going To Win The J161x, J164x+, J164+, J168+ In The Irish Champs
David6:41.20Carnegie Mellon Crew, Pittsburgh, PAClub Men
Toby Smith6:42.00SESBC, OxfordJ16 Menon concept C
Orlando R. Wood6:45.50Pine Crest Crew, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.Junior Men
Stuart McGhee6:48.70Aberdeen University B.C., Aberdeen, ScotlandClub Men
Kevin Cunningham6:54.00Berkeley High School Crew, Berkeley, CA USAJunior Men
Nick Rockwell6:55.40Miami Beach Rowing Club, Miami Beach, USAVeteran D Men
James Baker6:57.00Monmouth School, Monmouth, WalesJunior Men
Jennifer Daly7:00.50Proteus-Eretes, Delft, The NetherlandsOpen Women
Charles Story7:01.0022/72 Macquarie St St.Lucia, Brisbane Boys college, Australia BrisbaneJ15 Men
Tom Dryer7:02.90Cincinnati Rowing Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAVeteran C Men
Faith Gaertner7:08.40Saugatuck rowing club, Westport, CTOpen WomenI have improved since the crash B's bronze medal time of 7:27.6
Mark Nash7:11.02Haileybury, HertfordJunior Men
Alison Skelley7:27.40Edmonton Rowing Club, Edmonton, CanadaOpen WomenMay 1997
Deborah Dryer7:34.20Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAJ14 Women
Julia Ellison7:36.20University of East Anglia, Norwich NorfolkClub Women
Abby Hawkins7:40.30Pine Crest School, Ft. Lauderdale, FLJunior Women
Shirley H. M. Reekie7:44.00Los Gatos RC, Los Gatos, Calif., USAVeteran C Women
Lucy Ficenec7:44.50Jesus College Boat Club, CambridgeClub Women
Sarah Dryer7:50.00Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAJunior Women
Howard Sleath III7:51.90Water Sports Center, West Haven CtJunior MenI hope these times get better!!
Nichola Smith7:53.00Shoreham, SussexLwt Club Women
Carolyn Enever7:57.00Broxbourne, Stevenage, Herts.Club Women
Vikki7:57.00LEH, Hampton MIDDXJunior Women
verx37b@prodigy.com7:59.00F.D.Roosevelt High School, Poughkeepsie, New YorkLwt Open Women/Junior Women
Vanessa Nickerson8:01.00Walt Whitman HS, Bethesda, MD, USAJunior Women1500m time-5:41.6
Sammy Clegg8:02.60Northwich Rowing Club, Warrington,UKLwt Club WomenPersonal best - target is sub eight minutes
Alice K. Watts8:15.30Kings School Worcester, Worcester, EnglandJ15 Women
Martin Brown8:20.00Royal Shrewsbury School Boat Club, Shrewsbury, EnglandJunior MenPretty Good (but no age entered so you don't get your age category... - RQ)
lynn rudner8:55.10oundle school boat club, oundle, UKJunior Womeni am a coxswain (therefore also a lightweight) and i'm proud of this score.
Kristy O'Connor8:56.60Bolles, USJ14 Women
20 minute challenge
Orlando R. Wood5510Pine Crest Crew, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.Junior Men
Danielle5030, Utrecht, The NetherlandsOpen Women
Allison Cowling4927Nanaimo Rowing Club, Nanaimo, BC, CanadaJunior Women
30 minute challenge
Richard Bradley8248, Cirnecester, EnglandOpen Menmy personal best to date, and bloody hard work if I do say so myself
David Balmain8233, Braidwood, N.S.W. AustraliaOpen Men
Tom Dryer7828Cincinnati Rowing Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAVeteran C Men
Alison Skelley7524Edmonton Rowing Club, Edmonton, CanadaOpen Womenfirst one
60 minute challenge
mark lightowler16640thames, londonOpen Men
Tom Dryer15385Cincinnati Rowing Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAVeteran C Men
Sally Muddell13538Curlew rowing club, Greenwich. UKClub Women
Catriona Greenshields12981uni. of Essex, Colchester, EnglandClub Womenfirst time, training, so not pushing it.

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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