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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
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Results for May 1998

2000 metres challenge
Rob Plater6:09.50Sydney Rowing Club, Sydney, AustraliaOpen Men1st national selection erg
Rasmus Quist Hansen6:16.00F.R., Fredensborg DenmarkJunior Men
Mark Sparnon6:29.00Torrens Rowing Club, AdelaideJunior Men
Joshua Gaynor6:32.8New York University, New York, NYOpen MenPersonal Best recorded this year at the CRASH-B's...
Patrick Gaughen6:33.10Andover, Junior Men
Tim Osborn6:36.40 , Bellingham, WAOpen Men
Ed Gardner6:39.00Bedford School Boat Club, Bedford, EnglandJunior Meni was shafted
Owen Rodd6:45.60 University of York BC, York, United KingdomOpen Men
Stephen Holder6:46.30Latymer, J16 Men
Stephen R Poole6:51.00University of Surrey, Guildford, UKOpen MenOnly narrowly failed to get it under 6:50, but it's my best yet
Jonathan Khan6:56.70Bayside R.C., Toronto, CanadaLwt Club Men
Brian Lynch6:58.00SHANDON BOAT CLUB, knocknaheaneyJ15 Men
Michael Weston6:58.00Undine Barge Club, Philadelphia, PA USAJunior MenNote: I'm a Lightweight Junior (140 lbs), so this was a little harder for me.
Jeremy Khan6:58.20Bayside R.C., Toronto, CanadaJunior Men
Ian Bonser7:07.00Thames Tradesman, London U.K.Veteran D Men!st time I've ever done an ergo test, am back rowing after a 22year break.
Mark Nash7:07.21Haileybury Rowing Club, HertfordJunior Men
Ann-Maree Patterson7:13.00Star Boating Club, Wellington, New ZealandClub Women
Barry Simmons7:15.00, Leeds EnglandLwt Open Men/Veteran C MenHope to be sub 7 minutes by my 50th Birthday
Stuart Frankum7:20.00N/A, Abingdon, OxfordshireVeteran E Men
Judith Evans7:25.00Auriol Kensington, LondonOpen Women
Kendra Borowski7:29.50Boston University, Boston, MA USAOpen WomenOuch. This was a PR.
Dan Whiteman7:32.00University of Essex, tired!
Cherith Greenwood7:36.00St. Catharines Rowing Club, Niagara Falls Ontario, CanadaJunior Women
Sasha Suda7:42.60Bayside R.C., Toronto, CanadaJunior Women
Robert Cronin7:44.40CORK BOAT CLUB, CORKJ14 Mendied
Jason Smith8:03.00University of Essex,
sam ridgway8:08.00northwich rc, northwich, ukClub Women
Triona Collins8:15.00CORK BOAT CLUB, CORKJ16 Women
Kristen Kirkby9:11.00Mount Baker, WashingtonJ14 Women
20 minute challenge
Jonathan Khan5474Bayside R.C., Toronto, CanadaLwt Club Men
Sasha Suda4986Bayside R.C., Toronto, CanadaJunior Women
Cherith Greenwood4932St. Catharines Rowing Club, Niagara Falls, Ontario, CanadaJunior Women
30 minute challenge
No entries this month
60 minute challenge
Trey Garland13890Houston Rowing Club, Houston, Tx USAOpen MenNovice just seeing where I fall

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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