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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
Enter the Challenge and your scores will go into the results table for next month.
And if you pull really hard, you may reach the League Leaders list.

Results for August 1998

2000 metres challenge
Erik Winters6:12.80Salisbury School, USAJunior Men 
Fred williams6:15.00Going GapJunior MenHardest thing i have done in my life, but worth every painfull second.
Zac Benevides6:22.70UnknownLwt Open Men 
Tim Kiesow6:26.90U.S. Military AcademyLwt Open Men 
Patrick Gaughen6:30.10Phillips AcademyJunior Men 
Sean Wynne6:37.00Rochester Rowing ClubClub Men 
Tom Lynch6:38:04Lincoln Park Boat ClubLwt Club MenOuch. I think I need more training for lactic acid tolerance...
Owen Rodd6:39.80York UniversityClub MenCracked that 6:40 barrier...just...
Jason Smith6:43.00Star ClubClub Men 
Jim Warrick6:45.00Green Lake CrewLwt Open MenJr. Light weight
Chris Heller6:48.00West Side Rowing ClubJ15 Men 
Jason Moskowitz6:50.10SagamoreJ16 Men 
Chris Walsh6:59.50University of New South WalesLwt Club MenI entered LW club; Weight = 65kg
Renee Olin7:11.40Michigan State UniversityOpen Women 
Paul Davison7:16.00Macquarie Uni Rowing ClubLwt Club MenJust started rowing in March
Altwegg7:18.00none givenJunior Men 
Doug Boswell7:22.00Macquarie Uni Rowing ClubLwt Club MenJust started rowing (novice)
Craig Love7:23.90Glasgow Rowing ClubJ16 Men 
Matt Weinstock7:25.00Niskayuna CrewJ15 MenIt took me a long time to break the 7:30 barrier, but it was worth it!
Amy Weatherby7:32.80Thompsons Boat CenterJunior Women 
Abby Hawkins7:35.30Pine Crest CrewJunior Women 
Kate Clarkson7:52:06Toowong Rowing ClubJ15 WomenBloody long, second ever 2000m ergo, part of trail for school team
20 minute challenge
Bradley Burns5915SCRCJunior MenDone way back in Feb., Can't wait to kick ass on the next one!!!!
Ian Luxford5912NoosaVeteran C Men 
Edward O'Malley5526Johns Hopkins UniversityLwt Open Men 
Jason Moskowitz5399SagamoreJ16 Men 
Roger de Jonghe5276Walbrook RCVeteran D Men 
Mike Cartledge4980 metresWorcester Rowing ClubVeteran E Men 
Sue Thomas4910Gorge Rowing CentreVeteran B Women 
30 minute challenge
Joris Trooster8590DRV EurosLwt Open Men(keeper of the NLRoei website)
Jason Moskowitz7878SagamoreJ16 Men 
Sally Robbins7611 metresSwan River Rowing ClubJunior WomenI know I can do better !
Mike Wagner5685 metersSagamore Rowing AssociationClub MenJust getting started.....
60 minute challenge
Jim Hughes16738QBCOpen Men 
Jason Moskowitz14156SagamoreJ16 Men 

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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