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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
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Results for October 1998

2000 metres challenge
Michael Smith2000m/ 6.06.0Commercial Rowing clubOpen MenPulled hard
Ian Stubbs6:15.9Queen Elizabeth High SchoolJunior MenRowed for GB squad at the Coupe de la Jeunesse
Matthew Turner6:18.1WPI Crew (now alumni)Club Menscore from 2/23/94, plan to start rowing again soon
Trent Collins6:25.0Prince Alfred CollegeJunior Men 
sean terreberry6:28.0st. Catharines RCLwt Club Men 
Rob Albergotti6:31.0Lafayette College Crew ClubClub Men 
Trent Collins6:32.0Prince Alfred CollegeJunior Men 
cameron martin6:35.0wendouree/ballaratJ16 Men 
Mark Bartlett6.39.0St Cuthberts Society Boat Club, Durham UniversityClub Men 
Joe Ghory6:40.2Cal Frosh CrewLwt Open MenIt says lightweight, but I'm really a coxswain.
Andrew Toumazi6:40.8HamptonJunior Men 
Alan Humphreys6:51.0Birmingham Rowing ClubLwt Club Men 
Kevin Burt6:54.3Dart-TotnesOpen MenThis killed me - I have glandular fever and it was done out of frustration at no excercise for over a month
Niall Brennan6.54.6Athlone boat clubJ15 Men 
Niall Brennan7.01.6Athlone Boat ClubJ15 MenI am only starting back training my times will be alot lower
Michael Cutler7:07.3Millstone Indoor Rowers.Veteran B Men!st month on the erg after a 3 year layoff
Niall Brennan7:10.0Athlone Boat ClubJ15 Meni am only getting back into shape my times will be going down
yvonneke stenken7:24.0capital crewJunior WomenMay 98
Philip Floraday7:30.1St. John's Jesuit/ Toledo Rowing ClubJ14 Mennovice lightweight
Ben brooks7:30.2MT Lebanon high school crewJ14 Men 
Lauren Cvinar7:31.2Colgate UniversityOpen Women 
cherith greenwood7:33.6Sir Winston ChurchillJunior Women 
Mike Pocreva7:33.9Flatiron AthleticClub Men5300 altitude
Robert Cronin7:36.0Cork Boat Club. J14 Men 
morgan fenner7:39.0cal frosh womenOpen Women 
anna evans7.51.35apsmrcJunior Women 
James Johnstone9:10N/AVeteran E MenCommencing Training: recent triple bypass
20 minute challenge
sean terreberry5685St. Catharines RCLwt Club Men 
Wibles5598WallingfordClub Men 
Patrick H. Rufo5500Umass AmherstOpen Men 
Michael Cutler5467metresMillstone RowersVeteran B MenI forgot how much this hurts
David Donaghy5349University of PortsmouthOpen MenAm I good enough for good club yet?
Sam Gardiner5304UnknownLwt Club Men 
Steven Proud5164University of BristolOpen Men 
cherith greenwood4949St.Catharines Rowing ClubJunior Women 
Mindy Pivarnik4725Serra/Notre DameJunior Women 
Kristin Fabbro4666Serra/Notre DameJ15 Women 
Amanda Fabbro4640Serra/Notre DameJ16 Women 
30 minute challenge
Matthew Turner8700WPI Crew (now alumni)Club Menscore from 12/1/93, plan to start rowing again soon - (not really winner - Ed)
Robert Plater8647Sydney Rowing ClubOpen Men1st ever 30 min max
David Donaghy8536University of PortsmouthOpen MenI'll go harder next time.
F.T.W. (Francis) Pinkerton8269Evesham R.C.Veteran D Menhope to do better!
Peter English8259Royal Chester Rowing ClubVeteran C Men 
Michael Cutler8181 metresMillstone RowersVeteran B MenThank you Elvis Costello.
Michael Cutler8022Millstone Indoor Rowers.Veteran B MenI've only been off my bike a short while
jonathan flynn8004mstainesLwt Club Men 
Tom Greenbank7830Thames Rowing ClubLwt Club MenOuch.
Alan Humphreys7801Birmingham Rowing ClubLwt Club Men 
Steven Proud7504Bristol UniversityOpen Men 
Mike Pocreva7414Flatiron AthleticClub Men5300 altitude
Hunting7055San Diego Rowing ClubJunior Womenare we there yet???
Phil Cresswell6841Ex Worthing CRCVeteran AI haven't rowed for several years as I'm now a fat old businessman
60 minute challenge
Matthew Turner17078WPI Crew (now alumni)Club Menscore from 3/17/94, plan to start rowing again soon - (again a bit of a cheat - Ed)
Patrick H. Rufo17037Umass AmherstOpen Men 
De Weert Paul16719A.R.V. ScullingVeteran D Men 
Howard Waller15736City of Oxford Rowing ClubLwt Open Men 
Steven Proud14869Brisol UniversityOpen Men 

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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