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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
Enter the Challenge and your scores will go in to the results table for next month.
And if you pull really hard, you may reach the League Le aders list.

Results for November 1998

2000 metres challenge
Lippits5:49.9Theta Open Men 
Chris Brett6:20.7Loughborough Students Soon (Maybe)Open MenJust started (Ex Runner). I have terrible technique or so I'm told. Watch this space!
Andrew Stubbs6:24.9QEHSJunior Men 
Paul Jackson6:36.6Downing CollegeOpen Men 
Brett Johnson6:37.4U. Cal DavisOpen Menfirst 2k since april
JJ Doel6:39.7University of Bath BCClub Men 
J Maltby6.41.3.0ESBCJunior Men 
Dan Thompson6:41.4ESBCJ16 Men 
rory litchfield6:42stellenboschClub Menstill drinking to much !!!!!
David Donaghy6:48:3University of Portsmouth RCOpen Men 
Lee Boucher6:49.0Methodist College BelfastJunior MenI haven't improved since J16 level !!!!! What's wrong with me !!
Stan livy6:52.0Edinburgh universityLwt Club Men 
Adrian Verity6:53.7University of YorkLwt Club Men 
ian Boyd6:55.3tyne r.c.Veteran D Men 
nick holland6:55.7ouvbc & royal engineers rowing clubVeteran B Men 
ben chambers6:58.0St. CatharinesJunior Menim shi*
Steve Shinder7:02.8Montreal Rowing ClubClub Mengood start, bad middle, acceptable ending
Annie Bezanilla7:08.0UnknownOpen Womenafter four months on colligiate novice team, top time on team
Lee Schwartzman7:14.0UnknownLwt Club Men 
Tony Nercessian7.17.8ESBC Open MenI'm a coach
Roger Burrell7:27.1LansonergoVeteran G MenRecorded at Barnstaple Reds/Blues competition. Excellent competition. 01/11/98
monica .o.8.05 minUnknownOpen Women 
Felicity8.39.2UnknownJ16 Women 
lynnie rudner8.50.1dartmouth rowing clubLwt Club Womenim only a coxswain!!
Gillian Burrell8:56.5LansonergoVeteran F MenThis is 0.5s outside her British record
jess12.03.0naJ15 Womeni hope i'll win
Daniel Siva14:26:8Uni.Lwt Open Mena bit knackered after - since only using body lean
20 minute challenge
Lippits6309ThetaOpen Men 
Brandon Bolic5981SDSULwt Club Men 
Andrew Stubbs5912QEHSJunior Men 
Dale Smith5870Lasalle R.C.Open Men 
sean terreberry5737St. Catharines RCLwt Open Mennot bad but will do better next time
Tom Skinner5665 metresHenley RCLwt Club MenAchieved the day after the BIRC while I was on a roll. How about veteran lightweight categories for us wrinklies?
Andrew Hodge5564Staffordshire uni Open MenAnd Getting better
Steve Shinder5376 metersMontreal Rowing ClubClub Men 
Neil Morton5355YMCAClub Men 
Steven Proud5244University of BristolOpen Men 
Pamela Whiting4816 metresMelbourne Rowing ClubVeteran C Women 
30 minute challenge
Rob Plater8783Sydney Rowing ClubOpen Menthat's getting a little more like it!
Andrew Stubbs8746QEHSJunior Men 
Trevor Chambers8675Sudbury RCClub MenRate-capped at 22
Ronnie Hamed8594Vesper Boat ClubLwt Club Men 
nick holland8247mouvbc & royal engineers rowing clubVeteran B Men 
JJ Doel8082University of Bath BCClub Men 
Annalise Gehling7064walford schoolJunior Women 
Amy Leath6573Uni of Essex RCClub Women 
Stewart Hopkins6296UnknownVeteran H Menfirst attempt
60 minute challenge
Alan Geweke17331UnknownOpen Men 
Patrick H. Rufo17268Umass AmherstOpen MenNovember 16, 1998
Andrew Stubbs16510QEHSJunior Men 
Boris Makarov16459Hanover RCVeteran B Men 
Howard Waller15838City of Oxford Rowing ClubLwt Club Men 
Tom Lynch15795 mLincoln Park Boat ClubLwt Club Mengetting better...
Steven Proud15250Bristol UniversityOpen Men 

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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