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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
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Results for December 1998

2000 metres challenge
rory litchfield6:12.0stellenbosch universityClub Meneasing off on the student drinking life and training harder !!!!!! oh hell !! here comes the festive season
Chris Brett6:14.0Loughborough StudentsOpen MenGetting quicker
thomas casparis6:15.6BelvoirLwt Open Men 
A.Rozendal6:25.6VidarOpen Men 
Joe Momma6:28.2West Coast RCLwt Open MenThis was my third piece at 6K pace, but decided to sprint for the last 1000m
Joe Momma6:32.2West Coast RCLwt Open MenThis was my third piece at 6K pace, but decided to sprint for the last 1000m
Kevin Meirose6:35.0Marquette UniversityOpen Men 
Matt6:42.0RSC Crew TeamOpen MenDone at 18 SPM
Alasdair Stuart6:44.0Exeter R CJunior MenPersonal best time!!!!!!!!!!!
George Kitto 6.44.0Abingdon SchoolOpen Men 
Alan Humphreys6:46.26Birmingham Rowing ClubLwt Club Menfeck
Steve Shinder6:49.2Montreal Rowing ClubClub Men 
Matt Perrone6:50.4Loyola AcademyJ15 Men 
Chris Pickup6:53.8Tiffin School B.C.Junior MenRatecapped-24,lightweight(70kgs)
Steven Kominsky6:53.9Cincinnati Junior Rowing ClubJunior Mennot hard had a lot left at the end
Andrew Lang Laughlin6:55.6UW crewClub Menthe sad thing is, I can make weight for women's lightwieght.
No birthdate given so not entered in junior category - RQ
Josh Conlon6:58.0Niskayuna CrewJ15 MenThat was tough!
John7:01.4UnknownJ15 Men 
Sean McGee7:03.6DuquesneLwt Club Menill break seven next erg
T Petty7:04.7My dungeon-like BasementVeteran A MenI WILL GET FASTER,....but probably not much.
Ian Watts7:15.0Hampton SchoolJ15 Men 
Esther Roth7:22.4TritonLwt Open Womendid 28/11/98
Matt Weinstock7:23.0Niskayuna CrewJ15 MenPsycho Rower who is rowing faster and getting better everday!
shay7.44.0William and Mary Rowing ClubClub WomenA novice woman who's only been rowing since september
Freya Koepping8:10.0Merton College Boat ClubClub Women 
Sara Covich8:20.7Smith CollegeOpen WomenI hope to improve this before spring sprints.
Karen Foster9:42.0UnknownVeteran C Women 
20 minute challenge
Jim Long5714Rutgers Frosh CrewOpen Meni just started in oct. so i'll be ripping it up soon.
Steven Kominsky5395Cincinnati Junior Rowing ClubJunior Mennot hard had a lot left at the end
Josep Sumoy5308Aviron ToulousainClub MenTraining ergo... I'll row a 2000 max ergo next sunday!
Annie Lux5086Yale UniversityJunior Women 
Laurie Featherstone5167mArgonaut Rowing ClubLwt Open Women 
sarah miller4581 metresUnknownClub Women 
30 minute challenge
Ralph Cruickshank8800Darwin Surf ClubOpen MenJust happy to beat Plater
Matt8134RSC Crew TeamOpen MenDone at 16 SPM
Ben Sherrill8065University of Alabama in HuntsvilleLwt Open Menslowly dropping times
Steve Shinder8015 metresMontreal Rowing ClubClub Men 
60 minute challenge
Alan Geweke17604University of WisconsinOpen Men 
Patrick H. Rufo17307Umass AmherstOpen MenDecember 98
Stefan Forster17270mARCWOpen Menduring normal training, hr about 150, not a race; i am just curious..
Art Chamberland16475Umass CrewOpen Men11/16/98
Annie Lux14252Yale UniversityJunior WomenThis had better be true or it gets removed... - RQ
Amelia Booth12873West Side Rowing ClubLwt Open Women 
rory litchfield5980 (?!)maties (stellenbosch)Club MenI NEED BIGGER LUNGS !!!! (I think this may be for 30 minutes - RQ)

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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