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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
Enter the Challenge and your scores will go into the results table for next month.
And if you pull really hard, you may reach the League Leaders list.

Results for February 1999

2000 metres challenge
Stuart Maze6:07.2N/AClub Men 
Jurrien Rom Colthoff6:26.3TritonJunior Men 
De Weert Paul6:27.0ARV-ScullingVeteran D Men 
TOM LYNCH6:38.0LINCOLN PARK BOAT CLUBLwt Club MenPR! First 2k of the season- winter training is working!
Rob Baxter6:38.0Robinson College, CambridgeClub Men 
Mark Hall6:40.0St. Andrew's crew (USA)J16 MenI hope I can spank this time this coming season!
PJ Bruce6:46.4Aberdeen Schools RAJunior Menbadgers and korn!
Alister Taylor6:46.6Yarra YarraClub MenFirst 2k ever. I'm sure i could've gone harder, I didn't even feel like chucking
Brian Smith6:46.8Michigan State CrewLwt Club MenIt hurt so much i felt like crying after
Troy Kepper6:50.7UnknownJunior MenI was sick
Craig Reese6:53.0WSU Men's Novice CrewClub Men 
Tim Petty6:54.7a cave with Concept II RowerVeteran A Men(1:43.6 split) Awesome to have something for final 500 meters!
John Carbone6:54.9Union CollegeLwt Club MenThis was with mild bronchitis. It's no fun training while you're sick.
john saxelby6:58.0UnknownVeteran C Menlight weight
Tim Petty6:58.1Cave-like BasementOpen Men1:40 average or Bust! Could be bust.
John Maxwell7:01.22King's WorcesterJ15 MenQuite hard
Ian Watts7.05.0Hampton SchoolJ15 Men 
Christopher Poll7:11.58JHU CrewLwt Open Mencan do better
Melissa Merritt7:17.0Dublin/ Greater Columbus RAJunior Women 
Deborah Dryer7:18.1CJRCJunior Women 
Jon White7:18:6Burroughs Sports ClubOpen MenPhew! that was hard work!
Laurie Featherstone7.26.6Argonaut Rowing ClubLwt Open Women 
Adrienne Harvill7:30.3Whitman HSJ16 Women 
Sheila Cornelius7:39.4Indianapolis RCJunior Women 
Susan Carle'7:44.4Long Beach Rowing AssociationVeteran C WomenBeach Sprints..Long Beach- Crash B
Fiona Howarth7:46.4WatsonsJunior Womenmy legs hurt, cause i am a wuss
meredith alexander7:48:2ithaca collegeLwt Open Women 
Johanne Roux7:56.0Aberdeen Boat ClubLwt Club Women 
20 minute challenge
Jurrien Rom Colthoff5866TritonJunior Men 
Chris Brett5712Loughborough Students RC (V.Soon)Open Men1st attempt. Rowing for 3 months but last month off for PhD.
Steve Shinder5535 metersMontreal Rowing ClubClub Men 
John Carbone5403 metersUnion CollegeLwt Club Men 
Hedi Poot5271Proteus eretesLwt Open WomenDuring a 6 km test
Kate Aardal4656UnknownOpen Womenwooohooo. my best so far...
30 minute challenge
Stefan Forster9315ARC WuerzburgOpen Men 
Stuart Maze8795N/AClub Men 
Alan Humphreys7890Birmingham Rowing ClubVeteran B Menarse
60 minute challenge
Howard Waller16235City of Oxford RCLwt Club Men 
David Wilson15317City of Oxford RCVeteran C MenSecond one hour in last three years, the psychosis is back
Amelia Booth13183West Side Rowing ClubLwt Open Women 

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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