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The Internet Erg Challenge pits your scores against the rest of the world.
Enter the Challenge and your scores will go into the results table for next month.
And if you pull really hard, you may reach the League Leaders list.

Results for May 1999

2000 metres challenge
Guy Pooley6:18.0Crabtree BCVeteran A MenRate = 28
jaxon rudduck6:20.0RedlandsJunior Meneasy
Tim Prince6:28.4Ridley Graduate Boat ClubVeteran C MenI am a ltwt-officially weighed in at 155.4lbs P.S.-you should have a ltwt category to correspond with Concept II/Crash B category in the veterans?
Mark Hall6:31.4St. Andrew's SchoolJunior Men 
Garett Mathiason6:44.0Prince Albert Drifters Rowing ClubJunior Men 
Ian Harrison6:47.0Victoria city RCJunior Men 
Steve Shinder6:47.9Montreal Rowing ClubClub Men 
Paal Haddal6:50.3Mendota Rowing ClubJunior Menshooting for 6:40
Mike Boger6:53:4West Side Rowing ClubJ16 Menthe third time i've ever pulled a 2k erg test. YEA!
Jeremy King6:54.1Calgary Rowing ClubJ16 MenGood enough for now...
Neil Chamberlain6:56.3The Fitness FactoryOpen Men 
David James6:59.5St. Andrew's SchoolJ15 Men 
Charlie Hayes7:08.01Westminster School Boat ClubJ14 MenWSBC's J14 pull hard!
Jonathan Carrera7:15.0Belleville Crew J16 MenI nearly killed myself to pull this off.
Danielle7.18.2Emanuel school boat clubClub WomenF*****g YES!!!
Nick Smart7:30.0Not YetLwt Open MenNothing Special
Chris Garos7:33:7Derryfield SchoolJunior Men 
Tom St.George7:44.0UnknownJ15 Men 
Heather Sabey7:58Kelowna Rowing ClubOpen Women 
Justine Shotton9.08.0City of Oxford Rowing ClubJ16 Women 
20 minute challenge
Garett Mathiason5575Prince Albert Drifters Rowing ClubJunior Men 
Andy Coniglio4283McCallie CrewJ15 MenCoxswain, McCallie Lightweight Eight. (103 lbs) - beat previous piece by 82m (!!!)
30 minute challenge
S. Proud7611UnknownOpen MenLight erg- first since back from (at least) two months off long pieces due to injury- no problems
60 minute challenge
Chris Brett16567Loughborough StudentsOpen MenFinished at 1:30 per 500 pace -> More in the tank! (After 500M sprints)

Images above from the Rowing Clipart Collection, courtesy of Alistair Ross.

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